Lonely after 2 years of a serious relationship?

I have recently got out of a serious relationship that lasted 2 years. We started off very well... but then she moved and it became long distance. With the distance came insecurities. But I kept it going for another year. Finally it was too toxic for me to handle... I did everything I possibly could... even applied to a college near her (almost sacrificed my ambitions) But now I'm over her. The problem is that I'm trying to find someone... my only fear in life is being lonely which I feel almost everyday (yes I do have friends and a big social circle but the intimacy isn't the same). It has become so difficult for me to even approach girls... its like my brain has forgotten how to. I am looking for any kind of companionship... even if it is doing Long distance all over again.


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  • you need to build interests and work on yourself

    • well see, that's the catch right. Everyone says that... and I'm doing the whole "you gotta find yourself" thing. But yeah for me Loneliness is the killer. I am not alone, I usually have a lot of people around me because I go out with my friends a lot but I feel lonely. And even though I keep as busy as I can, someway or another when you don't have a person to share your day, your feelings and your frustrations with it feels weird.

  • Listen, you should start doing other stuff. You should concentrate on work/school and be patient. You will eventually meet someone compatible to you. As for feeling lonely, don't you have friends?

    • well like I said. I am doing all of that but I feel empty and lonely sometimes. I have a lot of friends... more than I can even count. I come from a society where you are popular in your city among your age group and so I have friends. but the relationship was the real deal. these friends are superficial.

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