What Do You Think About This Guy?

What do u think about a guy you keep talking to you. And he acts like he likes you. But whenever you mention something you like such as your favorite music or brand of clothing and every time you do he says it's wack. And nothing is ever enough for him what do you think.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He's outta there!!! This is an easy one.


What Guys Said 1

  • I find it heartwarming to know that "wack" is still in use... hahaha

    Sounds to me like a dolt, or a manchild. Doesn't he realize yet that it doesn't matter WHAT someone likes, but rather WHY they like it? Way more interesting.

    Word, dat phat shit's off the chain!


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he is still perfect.
    If I like a boy I would love him no matter what

    • Yeah but he isn't very accepting of you. That's what I'm trying to ask he isn't very accepting of the things I like

    • if he doesn't accept you then move to another guy.
      You don't deserve someone like him

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