Should I message him?

Okay so this will sound pathetic, but I like this guy a lot. So don't judge me too much. :P
So I am 22 and got my bachelors last year but returned to school for a fifth year to bump up my GPA to get into grad school. I am taking a first year class. Before this class started I matched with a guy on tinder. I messaged him, but he never answered me back. Low and behold, he was my TA. So a whole semester passes with nothing interesting. I figured he wasn't interested in me. We talk before and after class sometimes and get a long pretty well, but our conversations are nothing special. I am definitely attracted to him... he is totally my "type." But then he deleted me off tinder, or maybe tinder itself. Took this as a point that he was definitely not interested in me. But then came across him on bumble, and I swiped right out of curiosity. Two days later... he matched me. It has been 6 hours, he hasn't unmatched me or anything. Should I message him? Yes, he is still my TA. Just would like some opinions.


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  • Yes. Message him, ask him out, buy him coffee or whatever. I was in a similar situation, I asked him out and now he's my boyfriend. You'll regret it if you don't do it!

    • Just FYI, I did message him. He responded and we talked all day yesterday!! :)

    • Good :) Have you asked him out yet?

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  • Nope, please don't : p
    I don't think he is interested at all

  • Let him message you


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