Did he block me why I think he blocked me?

Ok, so I went on a date with this really charming guy who said he wanted to ask me out for ages and we really hit it off. I'm in my 20s and he's mid 30's. Like, creepily into the same music, outlook on life, down to the fact we both speak German and have lived in Germany. He explains he's living with an ex at the minute and seems really truthful. But I decide to ask him about this in more detail visa text (nothing major, just when it ended etc) and he gets really upset! He says he's got a lot going on and blocks me on facebook (I'm still blocked!) ... now, I'm guessing there's something going on with this ex that it's not quite over but I didn't do anything wrong... Now I work with this guy and had to exchange pleasantries with him a few times (I didn't do anything wrong after all so I've not nothing to be awkward about) and he's been like 'let's talk' which never happened. The best thing is he's not blocked me on linkedin! What the heck is going on? Is he a narcissist, confused or is he telling the truth? I wouldn't give him a second chance as I think there's something dodgy in this behaviour but I can't help wondering what went wrong? Had something like this ever happened to anyone?


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  • I think you should take this as a red flag. Him jumping to blocking you out of the blue like that when you simply asked about his past relationship sounds quite overly dramatic of a decision. I take it he's hit a bumpy road with his ex, and he probably wanted to get out there to see who else he can connect with and get some confidence up again with his dating life. I doubt he is even looking to persue a new relationship, he probably just wanted to self esteem boost.

    However, relationships are sensitive subjects. It sounds like he took complete offence to your question, which is certainly strange since he was being open with you about his life, interests, etc.
    It could also be a sign he doesn't want to continue with you. Maybe instead of being honest about how he felt the date went, he decided to use that "I'm offended" thing as an excuse to block you from FB, which is probably his primary social networking site. Leaving you on linkedin, maybe he doesn't use it as much, or maybe he just wants to keep tabs on you for some reason.

    In all honesty, there could be many reasons for this. I agree, you did nothing wrong and you shouldn't feel like you did. This is all him and his decision. I wouldn't pay him any attention in person, let him dwell on his actions for a while and see if he comes around or tries to apologize to you for over reacting.

    • Thanks for your comment. Everything was perfect until I asked about the ex in further detail, he pretty much poured out his soul about how past relationships let him down, how much he wanted to ask me out for weeks, how much his colleagues knew about him meeting me, his last nice text was to tell me 'it was lovely talking to you tonight x' and arranged a second date, then I asked about ex and boom, block! Nearly fooled me

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    • Good plan, I hope you dont let this bother you too much. It's not your fault he made that decision, and its honestly terrible he did. It sounds like he was beyond thrilled to have a date with you. I'm sorry to hear things spiraled downhill so fast, but I'm glad it did happen, as this may be a warning sign for you.
      Despite everything that happened though, don't put any blame on yourself. You did good, and those type of questions should be asked sooner or later.

    • Thx!

  • He has a girlfriend. The ex he is living with is not truly his ex. He is trying to not be involved with you without being mean or having to tell the truth. Leave him alone and forget about him.

    • You are most likely right, grr upsets me to think that some men just think they can have their cake and eat it :P

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