I saw my old crush today. Why did my heart drop? I thought I was over him?

Middle school crush. We liked eachother but nothing happened. I saw him passing by and my heart dropped. In my head I was like, "noooooooo you're over him remember!".
Is it possible for me to still like him?


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  • Oh, sure it is. :D

    • How do i stop my feelings? Do you think maybe I need closure or something like that?

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    • tell him everything. that you had a crush, why you pushed him away... it should be his decision if he wants to give you a chance or not.

    • I actually don't want to be with him. I just want to tell him because it's been bundling up in me for so long. My heart is so heavy. And I can't bare it any longer.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you will keep seeing him, it's going to be hard to get over him. Are you certain there is no chance of you two ever dating or something?

    • I feel like he wouldn't. I gave him cold shoulder for a while then he stopped talking to me.

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