Is she being friendly or do I have a chance (at the club)?

Hey guys and girls, I have a question. When I'm out clubbing with my friends (one girl and one guy, sometimes more people), we tend to always get the attention of really attractive and fun girls at the club, most of them just stare and a good percentage has the courage to actually come and tell us how much they like the way we dance or how they like my vibe (happens when I'm alone), which is always nice to hear.

After first talking to us almost all of them stay around and sometimes I get smiles from them.
I have gotten one or two phone numbers from such girls but they were both flakes, probably because I don't even talk to them again after they approach our group.

I would like to know if these girls are just being friendly and if there is a chance I can turn those interactions into something more, like hookups/friendships/girlfriend.
My biggest concern is to come across as creepy or as a guy that doesn't get the hint ( I like your moves, not you). I would also appreciate if you guys gave me some tips on how I can use my dance and fun-having skills to my advantage :) .
Girls and guys can answer.
Thanks in advance! :D


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What Girls Said 1

  • Some of them are just being friendly. Girls give their number to guys they want to keep as friends.


What Guys Said 1

  • It sure sounds like you have a good chance. Have you tried buying one a drink? If she passes, then you know we were wrong. ;-)

    • I haven't tried that because of those fears I have.

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