Should I go back?

I'm not sure if I'm desperate but whatever.
Basically we had a great thing going on between us, but I moved away.
Now I have no way to contact him. I've searched him
up on all social media. But no sign of him.
The only way I can probably contact him again is
go back and get it. Should I? And how would I go about it? Just showing up will be creepy.
(Old work place)
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  • Use your debit card, punch in his info that you know (full name, dob, state locale), on a people search engine which gives e mail and phone number as well as address, online. Most of them have a 7 day trial for anywhere from $1-$5, I've used them. But thencontact him by e mail first to be safe about it.

    • That is Creeping to the fullest! lol!

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    • Leaving without telling him good terms?

    • No cheating, right? No physical abuse? No mass drug use? You didn't steal from him? You didn't go assault his friends or family? Then you're good. Those are biggies. Other than that... you're fine. People are young, impulsive, do things spur of the moment. They don't know what something is until its gone. None of us really do. Its called... the way life normally works for fallible humans. Now get off of here wasting your time with us, and get reconnected with this guy! :)

  • Do it!


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