Do girls treat the guys they like differently?

I have a female friend, and we've been friends for one year. She treats me differently than her other guy friends (who are my friends too).

One time she said she loves me, in a serious tone. Usually she's sarcastic/playful but she looked genuinely serious. Then the next week she made a little pink heart and gave it to me. A few days ago she was with my guy friends (who are her friends too) and she just put her hand on my cheek for over 30 seconds. When we're alone she's pretty quiet and has a more calm tone, but with her friends she's outgoing and loud (even when I'm around) and always teases me about how I'm single and how I should find a girlfriend. She then suggested to get Snapchat but I said no and she looked sad and disappointed.

She already knows I like her, fyi.

So do girls treat guys they like differently? Do you think she likes me?


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  • She could have a crush on you, but maybe not big enough to do something of it. How are you and her's text like?

    • We don't text very much; usually I initiate. But I don't really say anything fun or interesting to her like I do my friends because when I did (before she found out I like her) she scolded me and said she'd change her number, so I decided pretty much all I'd say is have a good weekend, even then I don't do it often. Last time was one month ago. My friends showed her some of the texts I sent to them and she laughed at them.

    • Well if she isn't texting you first then its a no go. Im not sure why she would laugh at serious text either.. Id let her go tbh

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