All the girls that I have been friends with benefits with or had one night stands with have had boyfriends, any other guys notice this, are a lot of girls that unhappy?

are a lot of girls just really unhappy with their relationships, all of women I have slept with or even had relationships with had boyfriends etc and I didn't even know it, a lot of them seem to i guess monkey branch if that's what it's called, I don't know how many times I have slept with women who have boyfriends or have me as a backup etc it's actually pretty surprising honestly, it seems like females are better at hiding this because I never even realized they have boyfriends in all of the incidents, is that common occurrence with backups or as a lot of people say monkey branching?


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  • Is it possible that they had open relationships?

    It might also be the type of women you are involved with. You are ok with or seeking something casual, as you said one night stands or friends with benefits. If you were dating someone in a monogamous relationship I'm sure you would see very different trends.

    I've never had the desire to cheat, nor do I really get the impulse or need. Though I am definitely a one man type of women. I can't to casual sex either.

    • I don't know and idc lmao they aren't my girlfriends

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  • True I've noticed it. Some women just don't like to be single ever so there's an overlap between the end of a relationship they don't want to be in and the start of a new one. There are a lot of factors involved too such as sharing rent, unemployed, at college. The main reason I see is that they want a boyfriend around Christmas, Thanksgiving, valentines, weddingso etc. Some advice dude being a back guy means they see you as weak and a 2nd choice until a higher quality guy comes along.
    "Monkey Branching
    when a girl already has a boyfriend but she gives her number to guys that she meets and flirts as if she were single. she's basically branching off from her boyfriend and establishing backups.:
    "yo dude I saw your girl at starbucks giving her number to some guy. I don't think she saw me. it looks like she's monkey branching, you should dump her."

  • Just means a lot of women lack morals.


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