What is the good trait a nigerian man has? And why should you fall for him?


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  • Depends upon the man, not where he's from. That is, so long as he's not a Nigerian prince who needs to borrow some money to get his inheritance.

    • A nice one. You made me think about it...

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    • LOL! Kind a curious though

    • What I only know is that black men have a big dick so I was kind of curious how can someone fall for them without event thinking about that. Like maybe because he is a good person or something more of it.

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  • Some are very sexy, but beware of scammers.

    • Okay. Thanks for the reminders.

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  • Because he is a prince and he needs my bank account info to complete his dream

    • Hmmmm... that is intriguing... I thought because they are good in bed.

  • Lots of money you can inherit as long as you give him his credit card and social security number.


    • Whoooooo... That is scary though

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