I like him, but... he has a girlfriend?

(To avoid handing out personal information I will be calling this male specimen "Tony".)
Tony had been a friend of mine for a while, my mother was his coach and well how do I put it? I thought he was pretty dang cool. My family and I, however, had to move, but all was well; we reconnected.
It was around march of 2016 when we started texting and video chatting one another. It was amazing and we were slowly growing closer, but thats when the big old crush bomb was dropped. Tony told me he liked me. I didn't respond to this as well as I should've; in a flurry of shock and confusion I cut him off. Cold turkey.
He would randomly pop up into my head and it was starting to become too much. After about a year of no social interaction with Tony, I sent him a Facebook message. The man responded almost too quickly and our normal banter continued, almost with no change. It was fun and all, but he had to know my feelings. It felt wrong to keep them to myself and with no other logical idea In mind; I told him.
At this time I knew Tony had a girl. I was quite humble with my "crush bomb" and even told him I wouldn't change our ways of talking. No home wrecking would be done and we would just stay friends. He wasn't okay with this or at least he didn't seem okay so he pulled a me on me. He cut me off.
I don't want to lose Tony as a friend and I'm not sure what to do now. Not talking to him is weird and I want Tony in my life, even if it means I'm forever his friend. What do I do? Thoughts and opinions, please.


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  • If you like him and he has a girlfriend, you need to move on. Also, most people can't be friends with people they are into, so I'd suggest you to stay away from him for a while

    • Okay, thank you for your advice

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  • just wait til he breaks up with her then swoop in and get ur man lol

    • haha, I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for your answer.

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