Boyfriend problems?

So my boyfriend and I started FaceTiming and it went on for a few months and we both really enjoyed it. But there would be times that I didn't enjoy so much when he would be rude. For example he left me on a paused screen and went on Instagram and only came back to the FaceTime screen when he had to go to bed. Another time he FaceTimed another friend and after that started taking to his friends on playstation. I was upset but he never said sorry for these things and it's been a month now since we have stopped facetiming. He just stopped asking me to FaceTime with him and I'm thinking that the problems we had during it were why. Should I bring it up to him and ask why? What are your thoughts?
P. S. He accidentally texted me the other day to join him on house party with two other friends and one of the friends was a guy he recently had a big argument with and the guy said really horrible things to him. I feel worthless because he'd rather FaceTime someone like that than me.


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  • First, I would recommend bringing this up to him in attempt to see if you can talk and work it out.
    Second, if he changes his ways and improves, then great. If he doesn't, then it is time to move on. If you aren't happy, there is no need of wasting any time.


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