Number 1 thing that would put you OFF a long term relationship with Girl or Guy?

Mine has to be a girl that doesn't think and only likes small talk. i feel as though i keep getting more stupid and stagnant. I don't learn anything new and my brain gets bored.

I've been in a relationship with girls before that i found attractive. i would tell them stories all day and they didn't do much to keep the conversation going. didn't add anything to it and basically just said yes and no and hmm.
They were confused when i didn't want to see then anymore and that i started only talking about sex with them (but they didn't even want to discuss that either) so nothing to keep me.

I could not envision a future with this kind of girl but rare to not find


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What Girls Said 2

  • how long before you give up... bc sometimes people are shy. once they get comfortable they talk.

    • They aren't shy with me at all. Actually they're not shy in general. They even state they're comfortable with me

  • Yeah probably someone who couldn't keep a good convo going. Also someone rude in any way, that would sometimes make rude comments without really intending it because that's just their personality, though I probably wouldn't be in a LONG term relationship with someone that was rude. Someone who didn't make enough time for me would be a big turn off in a long term relationship (and that's coming from someone that's v dependant and low maintenance so it takes a lot for me to feel like I'm not getting enough attention from my partner)


What Guys Said 1

  • Any pattern of emotional inconsistency. I like people who know what they want. If someone doesn't know what they want then they are free to fuck off and work that out.


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