Girls, where is the perfect median between shy and confident?

I know girls like shy guys, but they also like confidence. So I was just curious as to where that median is that you guys like. What makes a guy shy, but confident in your eyes?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I like when they are shy like when they are with you and they want to say something nice but they dont know how and they blush and smile shyly, but I like them to be sure about their actions (dates, kisses, hugs), basically knowing that They are doing it well x33

  • The thing I have noticed I don't like is when I can tell a guy is really nervous. Like when he doesn't know what to say at all, keeps stuttering and there are always awkward silences unless I keep asking him things.
    I also don't like an arrogant prick who keeps bragging about everything and doesn't show any interest in you.
    I guess I just like a relaxed guy who is there on a date trying to get to know you and see if you are what he wants. Not someone who is so insecure that you KNOW he will settle for any girl that says she likes him because he thinks he can't get anyone but also not someone who thinks he's the best and acts like he can get any girl and you should convince him why you're the best.


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