Overcoming Shyness?

So there's a girl that very obviously likes me at my high school. She constantly stares and smiles at me, is always around, plays with her hair a lot around me and has even straight up followed me a few times. Just the other day when we we're waiting for our rides, she stood in front of me and kept staring at me until her ride came. I tried to play the whole thing off by being on my phone. I'm very shy and have social anxiety. So I'm not sure how to approach her. What's the best way of overcoming Shyness?


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  • Just talk to her! I know it may be difficult but if the girl really likes you she'll be happy to have a conversation. She may not be starting a convo because she thinks u might not like her or is just plain shy!

    • Yeah I really want to talk to her but I'm afraid I'll say something stupid or act really awkward and make her hate me. Honestly I have no idea why she is attracted to me in the first place. I'm average looking face wise and pretty fat. She's the exact opposite.

  • By constantly stepping out of your comfort zone. That will eventually make you realize that other people are just like you constantly fighting their own insecurities.


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