What was your FWBs situation like?

I'm in one and it feels weird for me because I kind of like the guy. We met on Tinder and we've hung out a few times, we even go to the gym together. The first time I was at his home we were supposed to go to movies but I got out of work too late, so we just decided to hang out instead. We drank and had sex. Some of the best sex of my life lol. I've been over once since then (we only hang out on the weekends because our schedules are different). We talk all the time and we're going out to eat on Monday. He was supposed to be going to another city this weekend but decided to stay to hang out with me.

This is definitely the weirdest situation I've been in. It's like we're actually friends with some sex on the side.

What's your friends with benefits been like?


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  • That's pretty much how it's supposed to be, you are friends who do friends things just there's some added benefits on the side. Just make sure you understand what he wants because he may just want a friend and sex. So if you go and try to make things more serious he may back off. Like I said it depends on what he wants for all you know he may like you too.

    • He said he (kind of) liked me, so I don't even know what that means.

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  • why are u complaining? lol that sounds like a perfect relationship. my best friends with benefits started out as a one night stand and she was just really cool so we started hanging out more. We would have marathons of smoking weed, having sex, playing video games, and going out to eat together : ) we went to the gym together, hiking, the movies, she liked to go shooting with me, just anything. way better than any relationship i've ever had i think its how it should be.

    • Lol I'm complaining, just a little confused I guess. I'm having fun, I just thought all this going out and hanging and stuff was supposed to be reserved for a relationship, or for friends with strictly no benefits.

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    • And I guess I'll feel a little weird if he started dating someone seriously

    • i know what you mean. i thnk my friends with benefits worked so well because we both were on the same page and didn't really catch feelings for each other. we were very open that we both were seeing other people and we weren't a serious thing. we'd even joke to each other about a bad date we went on or if someone else was lame in bed. It would have been different if one of us had feelings for each other

  • Great , enjoy the weekend.

  • Hmm tinder whore


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  • I have never been involved in one.


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