First boyfriend confused?

Hi i been with my boyfriend for four years now we had a rough 4 years about 3 years ago we were on a break and my boyfriend cheated with my best friend the worst part he wasn't the one that told me she was and when i brought it up he denied it then lied about who it was i did kiss a guy i know that was wrong so i guess thats why i forgived him but i can't seem to let it and this month two days before our anniversary he was message a chick saying how pretty her eyes were i brought it up to him and said can't i have friends thats a girl i don't know what to do its complicated because we have a lot of history can anyone give me advice because i stay with him and im kinda stuck?


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  • Why do you feel stuck? Do you want to still be with him? Personally, I wouldn't stay. Not saying it's easy but I guess you should weigh the options of staying or leaving.

    • I do but then i dont i never felt like tjis before him i wasn't like this i feel like im no longer myself he sats things like im going to marry you your the one i want to be with for the rest of my life i dont know i have left but i keep coming back

  • leave. we're all human and mess up I guess. however he cheated and lied about it. its one thing to lie and not say a thing but confrontation usually is the time to come clean. he lied to you. you need to stop and think how many times has he done this -that you. dont know. about? aren't you worth more than that? value yourself as a person, have respect for yourself. we all have been in that position at one. point I'm sure but you have to decide if your willing to let it go or if it's something that going to be on your. mind? and then make a decision...


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