Will this turn into something else? Does he actually like me?

(All opinions required) So I've known this guy since I was a freshman (I'm a junior now and he's a grade level above me) and back in December, we decided to smoke and then we hooked up. Now that's what I wanted. That's what we both wanted. Just to hook up and that's it. But he texted me the next day and it progressed into us texting a lot and we started hooking up a few more times. I've been to his house and we sometimes don't even have sex we just hang out for hours and talk (even when we do hook up we still talk for hours about life and we laugh and it's just overall a good time) last week he took me out to eat so we could hang. He always pays for my food. He always holds my hand and we kiss and he's told me deep things about himself. Which is very personal. We have "long talks" and it's up to the point where we act like we're in a relationship but we're not. We take pictures and videos of us being funny and overall it's a good feeling. He's told me multiple times "I really like you as a person" and he screenshots my pictures and I just don't know at this point. I'm not sure what this is. I want to give it more time? We both said that this has progressed more (feelings wise) any advice? What should I watch out on? I know this "relationship" started out as sex but we really vibes and bonded together. Please leave anything you'd like to say! Thanks!!


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  • It sounds like there are plenty of emotions involved. Maybe you could discuss together whether you want a relationship/what your goals are. It started as a hook up but you could possibly make it a stable relationship with him.

    • When is the right time to talk to him about it. I don't want to sound like that girl that says "so what are we" and then have my expectations let down

    • Smart thinking!

  • does he like you? it's obvious this is a relationship the fact that you are questioning If he likes you concerns me

    • I'm asking because I know he likes me but is it enough to turn into dating?

    • you are already having sex and kissing and holding hands

    • I'd hope it already is dating.

What Girls Said 1

  • If he has told you that he doesn't want to be exclusive with you, your relationship will probably remain sexual.


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