How does getting into a relationship work?

I've finally learned how to start a conversation with girls that make me nervous inside. I've been shy most of my life and this semester in college I decided that I would go above and beyond regardless of rejection. So I've been complimenting, chatting with and getting numbers from girls. Probably about 15 of them, but it soon dies after. I did go on a date and set up a few but to no avail. How can a guy get into a relationship from the start of meeting you and getting your number?


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  • You are definitely looking at it wrong. Your intention should not be to immediately get attached and jump into a relationship so quickly. You should go into it by looking to see if you can connect with that person first. You may go on 10 dates and only may connect with 2. It may have nothing to do with you, some people just dont click like that.


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