It's much fault? I blame myself?

So a guy recently ghosted me (stopped talking to me) He said he was busy and just never responded to me. So now I'm starting to blame myself.. I didn't do anything to him to scare him away. And now I'm very insecure about how I look (pale, chubby and short) I liked him a lot and from what he said he liked me too. But he just vanished and stopped contacting me. I get attached to people quickly and start to develope feelings, and he left me hanging. I blame myself, because I'm not thin enough for him.. and now I feel helpless.. Was it my fault? Because I feel it is..


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  • You shouldn't be doing this to yourself, there's no need to belittle who you are in that manner because you're more than that. It's natural for others to ghost you once they see you as incompatible to them, there's nothing wrong with you or him. Your looks are there to attract a person but never remain the person, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder even if he doesn't view you attractive there's always someone who will


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