Did I scared him off?

Did I scared him off? After talking to a guy online for 6 months he finally asked me out. I knew he was a pretty nerdy guy, but in person he seemed quite shy. While he seemed interested he did keep quite a distance from me.
He started talking to me more and I thought things were going well. I did try to get a bit flirty with him and he seemed to just ignore it. Since he didn't mention getting together again I asked him out. Unfortunately I forgot previous plans I had and tried to set something up the next weekend. He then bailed at the last minute after me asking for him to confirm plans since they never seemed firm. Since I've been trying to see him again he's been talking to me less and less. When it was the two weeks after the date though he was blowing up my phone all the time. I just don't know what I did? I don't feel I seemed pushy, but why did he just stop all of a sudden?
Also I assume he knows how to deal with dating on some level as he has been married before.


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  • Yeah you did


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