In need of guy advice?

Me and this guy have been taking for 2 weeks now. We met off of pof and ee hit it off and everything and we met up once and hung out and he wanted to see me so he messaged me the next day but he then memtioned sex well i told him that i was a virgin. I aksed if it it was a problem and he said no.
Now he is just seems distant. I messaged him after ee hardly talked but he told me to message him the next day i did and all he said was mouring sweetheart!! And the never responded to my other message. Then today messages me saying afternoom gorgeus. We said a few things to eachother and he never said anything after it.
Imckonfused. Should i ask him whats up and call him out or stop wasteing my energy


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What Guys Said 2

  • ya i'd call him out if i were u, u need to ask him if u being a virgin really bothers him. tbh at my age I really wouldn't be with a virgin it would kind of freak me out. But if u want to have sex with him just say that even if ur a virgin ur down to learn and try different things.

  • You're a millenial so what kind of virgin are you?
    A) Mouth
    B) Ass
    C) Vaj
    D) All three
    Most millenial bitches are trash so if the answer is (D) then he's in shock. Give him some time. He'll snap back.


What Girls Said 1

  • my mom and her boyfriend met on pof and their happy he was distant at first but you need to get him warmed up to the idea of hey I want more than sex


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