I have a question? Ghosted?

So a guy recently ghosted me (stopped talking to me) He said he was busy and just never responded to me. So now I'm starting to blame myself.. I didn't do anything to him to scare him away. And now I'm very insecure about how I look (pale, chubby and short) I liked him a lot and from what he said he liked me too. But he just vanished and stopped contacting me. I get attached to people quickly and start to develope feelings, and he left me hanging. I blame myself, because I'm not thin enough for him.. and now I feel helpless.. Was it my fault? Because I feel it is...


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  • I swear I seen this question before..

    • Get that Guru Level! 😂😂

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    • You guys are horrible.

    • @AlyssaRaer It is true, and I never said anything about the question yet you lashed out on me.

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