I think my boyfriend and sister have a thing going on? What are the signs?

We have been together 9 months and I just recently started noticing a difference in the way they talk or act around each other.
He has asked if she is seeing anyone and she won't leave us alone when he is around.
He stayed the night one night (this is the night I really started to notice) and wanted to go to bed early which is weird for him.. I think it was to get me to sleep so he could go see her? I mean he knows she stays up late. I didn't sleep at all that night because I was so scared that they want each other. That morning she was walking around in her underwear getting ready for school, Tell me if I'm crazy to think this about them.
I haven't felt that he would cheat on me until now.
When I brought it up with my sister she freaked out and acted like I was insane. She threw the biggest fit. I have never seen her freak out so much. I've read that when people react this way they might be lying.
I haven't brought it up with him I keep putting it off and I feel bad about it.
I don't feel that she is better than I or prettier, but I do kind of feel like she may be more his type because she is more outgoing and opinionated?
He has had issues with lying to me about dumb little things. I hate to imagine what big things he would lie about.


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  • Time for a heart-to-heart talk with your B/F.


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  • this does not sound good. can you give more detail

    • What would you like to know

    • I mean she's 16 but looks way older. He's dated and has been interested in younger girls before me. And he always makes an effort to look at her even if they aren't talking. She talks about him like he's better than I am. I just need help busting them. I'm so tired of feeling this way

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