What should I do? How do I explain my intention to this guy?

So this guy that I like asked me if he should shave his head. And I said only certain people can pull it off. Then he sent me a photo of a close relative that has his head shaved. I could obviously tell that he was upset and offended. But that was defiantely not my intention. My intention was that I'm not use to seeing people of my white race with shaved heads, even though my uncle has his head shaved. I have nothing against my race. How do I fix this? Please help me? I'm so bad at explaining things to people in general and I don't want to make the situation worse.


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  • OK so in plain English, you don't think he'd look good bald... and he sensed this and is now offended?
    you can basically explain to him what you posted in a very nice way to smooth things over a bit by letting him know that it's not him particularly but just white guys in general that you like better with hair.
    nonetheless, this is not something he should have gotten offended over. honestly, the more offended he is about this, the more immature *or* self-absorbed he likely is.
    so just keep your eyes open going forward.


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