Does this guy like me?

Okay so there this guy I like let's call him "Harry" I have 2 classes with him, and everyone thinks he flirts with me and that he likes me but I'm bad at reading signals & I can be oblivious.
Here are some of the things he does:
*he stares at me a lot in both of the classes that I have with him in the 2nd class I have with him, he sits in front of me and he will turn around and stare at me
*he talks to me 24:7
*he will poke me or just tap me on the shoulder and then look away pretending it wasn't him and he only does it to me
*he talks about me to other people
*he forces me to be his partner when we do group work
*when the teacher makes us grade each other's papers he will want to grade mine and only mine
*he jokes around with me all the time

Does he like me? I'm confused can someone help me. I'm 15 by the way.
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