Any other guys ever try asking a female for directions or a question only to be cut off and told, "I have a boyfriend" or "I'm taken" or "NO"? Lol?

I have had it happen and my reaction is wtf lol totally rude it's like I feel a lot of sometimes uneasy asking women stuff because i have that in the back of my mind about them automatically thinking I'm going to hit on them or do something perverted, anyone else have this happen to them?
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  • I never have, but this also depends on where you are from.

    If you are from somewhere that has a ton of people walking the streets. Busy in traffic. Busy pedestrians and you try to approach a girl - they have probably had more moments of guys asking for their number instead of asking for directions which leads to an immediate No. Even if they were meaning to be rude or not.

    If you come from a more spaced out city/town and you approach a girl asking for directions, it can be two things. Either she thinks you're trying to kidnap her if you come off creepy. (Because society is screwed up) Or she will be happy to give you directions. I've had plenty of couples/out of town people slow down their vehicle to me which has absolutely put me on high alert before but many were just looking for directions to a stadium or location. Personally there are rare occasions that people will ask for directions due to the fact that everyone pretty much access to a GPS now so I think that would be another reason to reject helping someone out.

    Hope it helped.


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  • no.
    and even if it were to happen, that would give me the right to say. "BITCH, Did I ask you if you had a boyfriend, Then I'd peel rubber with the tires pointed at her, and hope the dirt or loose gravel that hit her. laughing as I drove off, calling her a dumb bitch.
    but I've never had to ask because I know my way around, or I have a GPS.


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  • This shit actually happens? Wow. This is so idiotic it's kinda amusing.

    • At first it upset me but now I kind of just view it as a wtf sort of thing.

    • And funny

    • Somewhat pathetic too tbh.

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