The guy I'm dating is really mad at me. How long should I wait to hear back from him?

We've been having some issues with our communication and we got into a huge fight over it. We didn't speak for over a week until I decided to reach out to him. I apologized to him and I have not heard from him since last week...

Does it mean that he doesn't like me anymore? Should I not expect to hear back from him at this point?

Please help!


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What Guys Said 2

  • You've already reached out so he knows how you feel and where you are so there's nothing more you can do. I'd consider it over

  • I'm on the same boat, how long you guys have been dating?
    I haven't seen her since two weeks.. our communication decreased significantly.. from morning text messages to after noon texting to good night TO NOTHING AT ALL.. :(

    • About 2 months.

    • 1 Month and a half here

What Girls Said 1

  • yep i think it's over, you're supoosed to have your huge fight when you're already boyfriend and girlfriend... like.. it's too soon.


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