Why does she keep texting me when she doesn't seem to want to hang out again?

Met this girl online. She's 35, I'm 34. She has a 3 year old child that she sees a few days a week. She's also a full-time grad student.

We had dinner one night and it went well. There was no kissing or anything else, but the date was fun. Since the date, we've connected sporadically through text. She seems to text me at random times and then waits forever to respond to some of my texts to her. I have assumed she wasn't interested. But every time I basically decide to move on, she texts me again. This has been going on for about two weeks now. Since the first date, she has agreed to hang out again but we can never seem to set anything up due to her being too busy with school and her child.

Why is she continuing to text me if she doesn't seem to want to hang out? Is there something I can do to turn this situation around? Thanks


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  • She probably. is busy. Its only been 2 weeks. Give it time.


What Guys Said 1

  • She's possibly either busy, emotionally unavailable, scared, lonely, bored, taking it slow or any combination of the above.
    There is nothing you can do, she needs to want it too, unless you want to be in a one sided and unsatisfying relationship where you doubt her level of investment.
    What can you do to turn it around? Take it for what it is, friendly, occasional chat.


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