Am I too picky?

Basically, for quite some time now there's a lot of guys who talks to me and want me to be their girlfriend but I feel nothing for them.. nothing special when I see them, I don't see any of them as a potential boyfriend and it's not the first time that it happened. I kinda start to think that maybe I am too picky? Is it normal for a girl my age (17) to feel like anyone interests me and that I don't wanna be in a relationship right now? I wanna know if there's people like me right now because I should have at least one that interests me but nothing :/ Maybe this question is weird but I feel that if I do that, I'll be alone all my life !


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  • If you don't feel your ready for a relationship and you don't have the feels for anyone then there's no reason to rush the experience. Just enjoy life and when the time comes you'll know it.


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  • Hun I was like you. I had no interest as seemed a waste of time. But it changed once I met my first boyfriend at 18...

    • I had a boyfriend before but since him, I never really loved someone after that

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    • Thanks so much, I feel better about it now :)

    • :) your welcome

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