Should I swallow my pride and talk to her?

I was dating this girl for 3 months, I asked her of course. One day she asked me what do I see her as and I said " I see us as dating but not in a relationship. I really like you but I still want to know you before we get committed". She took that as I was just using her. We haven't talked since November :( . It kills me because I really wanted to know each other better. But when I told her that she just left.

What at should I do? Should I reach out or continue to live life without her


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  • Why do you wait like 4/5 months mate! Pride? Tsk-tsk mate, so much can happen for her then. But I say, swallow your pride, it's not worth it because you miss out on something that could have been great.

    You even used the sad emoji lol. So I know you've been feeling it since November. That urge to reach out, but won't, so you're not the initiator. Take it from me mate... reach out.

    1. closure
    2. Second chance at opportunity


  • Try reaching out once and say something like. I was still getting to know you more. I wanted to know you better before I wanted to get into a loving relationship with you.
    It is her fault that she reacted so rashly. If she does not text back after you try contacting her then she is not worth your time man. Move on better that you learn about her and loose her that way than if you got closer to her.


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