Girls, female, women, opposite sex, my question is : why would you say I don't know?

Context: I told her, I like you, I'm not really good at playing games, Wanna go out with me this Friday?
She said: well I don't know, I need to think

so girls, I really don't understand women, but what is there to think about? You either like someone or you don't

I should have added this, she texted me to ask what my plan for the date was, like where we would go etc


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  • She wants to think about whether she really wants to date you or not, which means she isn't really into you but she's weighing up whether she should see how it turns out or not.

    • Thank you, you'd say it's kinds obvious, but it isn't to me, and I really don't want to date someone who would go out with a "what a hell, let's do it " attitude

    • Then withdraw your proposal to go out and explain you want someone who's enthusiastic about dating you, not someone who has to think about it because they aren't sure.

    • Indeed, thank you

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  • Sorry but she's just not into you. Like you said you either like someone or you don't. She was just politely rejecting you because flat out "no" sounds mean.

  • Haha sorry to break it to you, you got politely rejected. She has nothing to think about, she just doesn't have the balls to tell you no

    • I should've added more info, she followed up and asked what my plan was for the date, but still she hasn't said yes or no

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