Why doesn't he talk to me in school?

There is this one guy I had noticed noticing me since about a year already.. he sits in the other side of the cafeteria and I know almost all of his friends from classes I had with them but I never had one with him. So recently (end of October ) I found him randomly on Insta and thought to myself why not follow so he also followed me back but didn't like or anything and I thought ok cool whatever I don't really care anyway.. but then during winter break he surprisingly liked some of my pictures and texted me. It was shortly before Christmas and I was texting back pretty late since it was a busy time for me and I didn't really care about him but then one day we were talking for quite a long time and had an very interesting conversation. So when school started again he asked me to this even to go with him and to be honest he sounded pretty shy when asking that (per text) so it went pretty good but he seemed really nervous (couldn't look straight to my face most of the time) but it was also really fun (and kind of awkward 😅 since everyone was starting at us) and after we went home he texted me again saying that he had a great time and what also was really cute was his little sister asking me in school before the event if I go and with whom.. which made it obvious that she knew 😂. We then continued to text but till today he has never said hi to me in school.. indeed I'm not even sure if he has seen me there which confuses me a lot because I feel awkward talking by text with someone but ignoring the person in real life..
Do you think he is ashamed of me or just really shy?
by the way as I have seen him generally and with his friends he doesn't look like a shy person at all and looks loud and silly and I pretty confident that I look good or at least decent enough to not be ashamed of knowing me 😅


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  • Maybe he isn't that interested


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