Is it impossible to forget someone special?

I am dating a lot of girls , but there is one girl who cannot get off my mind,

She was. perfect , she exuded feminity (sexuality) , she is the most sexy woman i have ever seen
she was intelligent as well but due to some reasons (her devious behaviour , manipulative tendencies, her past boyfriends etc) we could not date but i miss her a lot ,
i end up comparing every woman to her and she always win,

I think that i don't have the best partner although the girl im dating is great but still i dont feel satisfied because the best girl is not with me.

i want to know will this be forever or will i forget her in time?

  • Don't worry dude, you will forget about her in time. Time heals everything.
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  • No, you can't forget about her. Unfortunately, there is always someone in everybody's life that they can't forget (man or woman). You will always end up doing comparison.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you can forget about her but you have to willing to let the image of her go and think about reasons why you couldn't date her. And stop dating the girl you are now, she deserves someone who thinks the world of her, not someone who keeps comparing her to someone she'll never be.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If she's manipulative and devious, then she isn't all that special. I've dated someone like that who was really cute and had a lot in common with me but she was very toxic due to her manipulative behavior only to find out she was playing me.

    It's natural to want someone who's really attractive but if they display any red flags like that then it isn't worth it.

    • You are absolutely right.

    • How was she manipulative and devious though? Mine was pretty manipulative but it was hard to spot at first.

    • thanks for most helpful guy

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What Girls Said 5

  • yeah it's possible. Find a hobbie, go out more, or just put all of your focus on what you're doing right now

  • i don't think so you will be able to forget her. maybe you will date someone who will also become very special to you but you can never replace her with anyone.

    • Maybe you are right,
      But we didn't had sex and also,
      She was a very devious and manipulative person, its better to avoid such type of people, they create unnecessary drama

    • sex doesn't matter... your feelings for her will never change and as she is deviouss and manipulative kind of person this may be the reason that you don't want to return back to her but not to forget her.

  • With time it will get easier but you may never forget but look back with fondness but still be able to accept she won't be yours, what is causing your problem is the not being able to accept it.

  • What you're doing to the girl you're dating is really selfish.

  • what did she do that makes you think she is so devious and manipulative?


What Guys Said 1

  • Based on your description, idt you will forget about her. But she will fade as time goes on fairly quickly. Just not disappear.