Is he just nice or interested?

Well, this is gonna be a little long but I really need an answer. I know this guy for 2 years bcoz he was at my school, but we never said more than"hello" to each other. I moved on from him a kinda long time ago, but I had a sudden dream about him recently and all my feelings for him came back. Anyway, he is kinda introverted and quiet and because I liked him so much I got his number from a friend since I didn't found other opportunity to talk to him because Im pretty shy. He is a nice person and that's why im confused. He always reply to my messages, even when he's at work, and we talk for 1-2 hours or if he has a really busy day he will text me and apologize for replying me so late because he was busy.. When he is free he reply me in 1 min or around that. I think he is just nice but we dont know each other much and I really wonder why does he always reply to me if he isn't interested? Especially because we are just acquaintances it would be so easy for him to just dont reply if he isn't interested in me especially because he knows I like him. He is also kinda religious so the only way to see him often would be to go to his church or just ask him to hang out with me but his priority is work and studies so I think I have to get more close to him in other way before he will hang out with me in some day.. And beside, almost every time when we saw each other on the street, at school, he looked at me longer than usual and I felt like he is waiting for me to say something to him, but I got really shy and couldnt say anything lol. He has a really strong stare, it's still in my head even if it passed a really long time xDAnd I feel like there is a way to make him fall in love with me if he would get to know me more and see me often.. What do you think? Is he just a nice person or could he be interested in me?


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