What to do when he's ignoring you because you made an excuse to not see him last night?

Hi everyone

What to do when your boyfriend is ignoring me just because I made an excuse to not see him last night. He wanted me to come over last night after every one went out last night coz he hasn't introduced me yet to his family n friends.
We kinda in an open relationship

I was having drinks at a bar n didn't mind sneaking. I got tipsy n I met a hot guy who I was flirting with suddenly i got a message frim my boyfriend saying I can come over.

I made an excuse that i was too drunk n hated the fact that i would have ti leave early in the morning before everyone wakes up. I perfectly knew i was going to do that i wasn't bothered of that.

The hot guy asked to take me to a nice nightclub. We went there had few drinks, we started kissing n went to his hotel shortly. When we just got there he got a call from work telling him he should have first flight in the morning he's needed in a meeting in another city. So nothing happened OMG i so wanted him to fuck me. Now it was almost 2hours my boyfriend asked me to come n i made an excuse I couldn't go to his place now. so went home n sleep.
I just said i miss you. He replied saying No you don't you couldn't even come over last night.
I got a feeling is bit upset n thinks i fucked other guys i met at the bar... but if he really wanted so badly he could have begged me to come as i was claiming to be drunk.

And also feel bad what i did last night, anyways feeling its his fault as he doesn't give me much attention n I should just be available to serve whenever he requests!


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  • Move on, he isn't interested


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