Should I tell the person I ever date that I've kissed someone before them?

I know the question sounds weird, but at a young age (kindergarten-2 grade) I was baited to a room and was kissed by a teen. I've forgotten about that incident, and it had never bothered me, until my crush and a couple friends started talking about having their first kiss and that me and my crush were the only ones who never kissed anyone (it was at that moment, that I remembered a bit too late after telling everyone that I never kissed anyone before). After that instant, it made me remember the other times that things happened to me, where I was once molested by a drunk man at my dad's store and I couldn't stop it because my sister was playing computer games beside me. I never told anyone of this before, not my parents, but it made me realize that if I ever get in a relationship, I should probably tell it to someone I date. I'm in high school, and I never dated anyone, and the person I like isn't active, so we are both going in without experience. Should I tell them before I kiss as so they don't think I lied to them (when in actuality I tried to take back what I said at the club)?


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  • i think that is a story you have to tell them further on in the relationship. Telling them that before even your first kiss will make it awkward

    • ok, I just wondered. I mean, what if they thought I lied to them and feel uneasy that I might be lying about other things too. I'm sorry, its just that I don't want them to get hurt over something. I don't want it to bite me later if I never tell them.

    • to be fair... its something you didn't want, so if he is a good person... then he will definitely understand

    • yeah, your right. Thank you :)

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  • You're 25-29 and still in High School? I'd say you have bigger problems than never having been kissed.

    • no, I'm 17, my age on here is the same as my account on facebook. Wasn't able to find a way to change it. You shouldn't take things on face value. And anyways, you answer my question with another question? Between the both of us, you seem to have bigger problems than me, lady :p

    • Sure thing, darling.

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