My ex girlfriend is moving out 3 months to another country where she'll get a fresh start for college a week after her exams. How do I contact her?

Currently she broke up with me after a month of relationship and a year of being my best friend. We loved each other but during this no contact thing I tried to reach tmher so much that she felt I was obsessive and creepy and her best friend told me to stay away from her or she'll take serious action. She had said she'll meet me before she goes but after these events it's highly doubtful because her best friend says she's no longer my friend.
What do I do?
I want a closure to our friendship at least,
What should I do? She's moving a week after her exams, and that's my only Window. No I won't let her just leave if you're going to say that, I want us to leave on good terms because we were very emotionally attached.
She's giving her final school exams.


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  • She might not want you contacting her.

    • Yeah not at the moment but I'm talking of 3 months later

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