Girls, Is it true that real beauty is on the inside or is it something just ugly people say?

So physically attractive girls can be with unattractive guys? Yeah right.


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  • Yes it's true. I have grown to love someone I did not find attractive at all after getting to know him. I've also refused to date a gorgeous man because his personality was crap and he didn't even look attractive to me anymore.

    • Wow I thought those websites that advertise how to pick up beautiful women, and are full of ugly, dorky looking guys with super model girls. was Bullshit. Thanks...

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    • Fine as in ok? I was super obese. I Lived in assisted living most of my life. I was so fat and out of shape I could barely move around. I lost about 100lbs over the past 2 years. I never had much of an opportunity to meet women. In high school I was the the fat social outcast that had no friends. I recently changed got off SSI now I have a steady job and a new vehicle. I can drive again! So that's why I never had a relationship before.

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  • I don't know I say it too but might be bcs ugly people say that

    • Exactly. How do you see real beauty? With your real eyes! 😁
      I'm sure you girls check out a guy from a distance and say.
      "Oh my he's personality is so fine! I don't know him but I'd like to do something about that!" lol

    • yeah, I do think like tht

    • Really. Hmm well. I stand corrected

  • It's true.


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