Fake Friends/People?

Why would your friend constantly flirt with your boyfriend even though she gets more boys than you? Why won't she let you be happy and find someone else? Also why would your boyfriend get with your friend who is always flirting with him? Why would he beg you to go out with him and then go after her later on? Why didn't he just talk to her from the start instead of making me look stupid? He was interested in me I admit...

Anymore opinions? I just want to get other perspective on this.


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  • Be honest with both of them. That is very disrespectful... you might need to distance yourself from them. I personally wouldn't be able to talk to them for a while.

    • I don't talk to them anymore. I just wanted to know why she would do that? Even when I broke up with him she would make it her life goal to try to make me jealous or angry. I eventually got over him and her but she still wanted me to be sad about the whole situation.

    • Sometimes people are like that, and even when you ask them straight up they don't say. Just pray she changes her ways and stay focused on important things.

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