Girls, Have you ever been so mad that you blocked a guy on all forms of social media and his number, in the spur of the moment?

As title , just curious how many have done this.. a guy made you so mad that you just blocked him on everything as soon as the " incident " happened.

If yes
1) how we're you feeling at the moment?
2) why'd you do it?
3) what was the outcome once you cooled off? If you ever cooled off?



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What Girls Said 2

  • Lol. Yeah.
    We used to go to school together and over the years we have both publicly expressed our absolute dislike and hate for one another multiple time; constant bickering was the norm between the two of us.

    5 years later, I was 17 and he started calling me 'bitch' or 'slut' on social media and school as a new way to piss me off. He just took it too far. Had a huge fight in school, he apologized. 2 years later I unblocked him, he's nice. We're both trying to act like responsible adults but deep down we both strongly dislike each other.

    I really don't like that guy.

  • I wouldn't be able to do that probably


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