How can I get a girl on a date when everyone I meet just says they're busy and won't suggest another time?

It's been getting on my nerves lately, I'll have a few girls number's and I can't even get one to commit to a time. One I was talking with for a week or so via text (I got her number), she was keen for a date, but then she starts giving me the impression she has ex issues and can't trust men.

Another one was keen for a date yesterday, but stopped replying to my texts (as it turned out her profile pics were rather flattering of her actual figure from a recent pic she sent me on her phone).

And the last one I couldn't get a date this weekend but she has 2 days off next week so I suggested one of those days but she's like nah I'm busy next week so I casually mentioned setting up something next weekend and she didn't reply (we've been texting daily too). I'm sorry, I know women are busy sometimes, but you can still make an hour even on a work evening to meet up with a guy you like.

So WTF! Cause dating as a guy isn't hard enough already. Yeah 2 of them weren't quality but it still annoys me how easy it is for dates to flake out. If you don't meet up soon after getting their number the attraction dies and they find someone else and you're back to square one. If I keep suggesting times I look like a pathetic loser who has no options.

Help appreciated guys/girls!!!


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  • If they are making excuses then they aren't that into you

    • I know that's the case if it's regularly happening with the same chick, but it's just happened like once with each one. They were all texting me regularly until the other day, clearly liked me asking questions about me etc.

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