Is it too early to tell?

Long story short. I like this guy and when I saw him I sent a snapchat saying hi because I had seen him but I wasn't able to go say hi to him at the time, I only waved at him. He responded to my snap and it's been a few days and we've been snap chatting back and forth. It's not instant replies because sometimes we reply 2-3 hrs later (we both go to school and have class at different times), but it has been continuous. Every time the conversation has started to dwindle, he keeps it going. I even tried giving a one worded answer to see if he would keep up the convo and he did. I was with him the other day and we flirted a little. How do I know if he likes me back or is it too early to tell?


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  • There's always two types of attractions that will keep people going. The first one is the friendship type. which means that they are really interested in knowing you and maybe someday have something more if it comes to that. the second one is sexual. Basically the only reason they are there is because they feel that eventually maybe they can get a sexual gain out of you. It really is definitely too soon to tell so just give it some time. the more you get to know someone the more they begin to show their true colors.

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  • I think it is a little early, but he does have interest if he keeps the conversation going. Wait a while longer and see if the communication keeps up.


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