Why a girl lose interest so quickly?

Well a little background
Meet a girl in the gym, we talk via text message then we go out two times so far... In three week. The last date she text me saying thanks and that she had a great time telling me to let her know when I'm home... So I though the thing was fine.

We talk a couple of times more since the last date... I ask her out a third time but she said she has a busy week.. So I ask her what about next week and she said I will let you know...

Since that we talk a couple of times more but I notice the type of reply on the message are less "elaborate" maybe? She responds quickly but the convos aren't that good anymore.

So... Why she change so much? What was my mistake?


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  • yes its possible for a girl to lose interest quickly , its tough to say what the exact reason was but you seem to be picking up on something

    • Thanks for the reply I have a doubt... I seem to be picking up on what?

    • guess I meant that you seemed to be aware she was losing interest for some reason already right?

    • Yes indeed... Basically with the text... The convos get boring very quickly and she doesn't make questions so often!

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