Do I have a chance to be with this woman?

I like this girl. We haven't slept together yet. I got pissed at her because I waited about 2 months to keep going out with her and told her to forget it. That wasn't right. I felt really bad the next day because she got affected by that and she made out with me after the apology. She told me she wants to continue our relationship. Now, after that she hasn't responded to my texts (I've only sent two in 2 weeks time) and she ignores me almost completely in public. I really don't like this immature mechanism she is using at 31 years old. She told a really close friend of mine at the hangout that she really likes me but just wants to remain friends. I know she wants me from her behaviour and gestures. She's torturing herself and won't talk to me since she has an iron shield in my direction. We see each other every weekend in a local hangout. I want her as a friend and lover but I can't force her to do anything, of course. What's up? Should I just give her some time? She's older than me by quite a few years but that doesn't matter because we have a chemistry with each other and have admitted it. Any input from women?
I forgot to mention that we have gone out together and have been friends for quite some time


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  • She sounds annoying and immature. Even I don't pull shit like this and she's 11 years older than me. If you've been straight up with her saying you want something more and she's ignored you or said she just wants to be friends. Than screw her and just move on! No one has time to play games specially at 30 years old hahaha.

    • Thanks for your response. Yes that is how I feel. She's 31 and I'm 20. I reallu would like something more, but I'm proving much more mature than her. Truth is that I feel bad for her and would like to help her out. She's affected but I guess only time will tell
      Thanks again, good to hear from a real woman hahaha

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