I have a second date with a dude but I'm not feeling it because I'm still getting over someone else & just want to be alone right now?

How do I tell him? I've cancelled our second date twice now, it has been two weeks. He's a totally nice and understanding guy. I do enjoy him and we get along well. But I don't feel like moving on entirely from the last guy I gave my all to, especially since he hasn't closed the door to me.. I'm kinda in limbo right now (long story) and the more I see other guys, the more I 1) miss and realize how awesome he was, and 2) want to be alone or feel annoyed at myself because I wish I could like them since they're so into me but I can't. I'm also working on myself right now and I'm really currently happy. I haven't been for awhile and I just want time to myself. I just messaged this guy though, confirming our date tonight.. and I really just don't feel like going.. especially if he tries to kiss me (he probably will)... I can't take it. I don't know what to do :( tell me what to say to him? I feel like he won't believe me. I'm 23, he's 31 by the way.


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  • Accept your feelings for what they are, and tell the man why you feel the way you do. If he can't accept that, there's no reason in going on a date anyway. You've got this.

    • How does this sound, "Hey, I really thought I was ready and could do this, and you seem like a real great person, but I'm currently still moving on from someone else I was on and off with for awhile. I'm just not ready, and I don't think it's fair for you either. I really hope you understand."

    • That's perfect.

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  • Then why the hell did you accept going out with him and why you have been leading him on? Go to the date and tell him that. Don't cancel on him the last minute.


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