Relationship problem: How should I act now to gain back her confidence?

I have a long-distance relationship, where we both live on different continents. We've been constantly arguing lately, so I, for the 3rd time, decided to break up with her because I thought she didn't understand me and didn't like me. Most of these thoughts were due to the way she's been acting towards me.

Well, after a couple days of the brake up, I missed her, and felt bad for breaking up. So I called her, and told her everything about my feelings. In one week, her anger and the tension between us went to normal, but she still wouldn't talk to me as much, and didn't show attention.

Today, we had a talk. And she told me I did too many mistakes, and that I made her feel so bad each time that I pushed her away from me. That she loves me, but my mistakes and the way I got angry makes her feel bad.

Anyhow, I convinced her to give another chance. And that I will do everything I can, to make her forget the constant fighting we did, and the pain I caused her.
I love her so much. Each time she says something bad, or she says she doesn't feel good, I cry overnight.

I'm afraid of losing her. I want to live the rest of my life with her.
What can I do so that she trusts me back, and loves me the same way? :(


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  • This is silly, you've broken up with her 3 times because you aren't happy with the relationship, so stop trying to make it work, it doesn't. You aren't having your needs met in the relationship and the communication is obviously not effective, so recognize you're just repeating an unhealthy pattern and causing resentment so move on. Also, if you haven't met, you don't know each other in reality and you only have feelings based on the idea of who someone is, you shouldn't get emotionally attached to an idea of a person or someone you can't actually see.

    • well honestly, the first two break-up talks were just to get the attention. I thought at least she would notice there's a problem. worse thing I can do.. I know.

      the last one was only because I was very mad at her, and frustrated that she wouldn't listen to me..

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    • not one time did she tell me to leave. if she told me, I would...

    • You're being stubborn and immature and that is not how to behave in a relationship. You won't gain her trust because she can't observe your behaviour and you can't change the fact you've already ended the relationship 3 times, I wouldn't trust you not to do it again, and besides that, the circumstances haven't changed so you will both still be unfulfilled in the relationship and you both still don't even know each other.

  • well you've hurt her real bad. Feeling that she doesn t like you isn t quite a motive for break up , a small chat could of fixed that and prevented the mess you are currently in. Anw i would personally suggest you visit her , that s pretty much a way to show u are serious and really one to go on in this long distance relationship

    • I've arranged a trip, but only in June...
      Cuz, I have work and school until end of May. I'm going to stay from June to September with her.
      I acted immaturely. I broke her heart many times and I feel so bad right now :(

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    • I hope you find someone that isn't as bad as me. That doesn't hurt you, and doesn't make you cry and that loves you forever :(

    • you were a bad person and no longer are. thankk uu anww

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