Which guy would you choose?

Guy A - insanely hot, athletic, blue eyes, light brown hair, stares at you often, can make you laugh (but not the best jokes), laughs at your jokes, sometimes seems shy, hot body, smiles when he thinks about you, has the cutest smirk in the world, has great style, when you get mad at him he really wants you to talk to him and gets low key sad, quiet

Guy B - cute, not fat but doesn't have a flat stomach, confident, brown hair, brown eyes, can make you laugh, laughs at your jokes sometimes (not always), confusing, sometimes he seems like he cares about you but sometimes you just can't tell, seems a little insecure/jealous but covers it with confidence, is very protective of you, always defends you when someone says something bad about you, speaks his mind, thinks you're cute at random times

Which guy would you choose and why? Ugh, I don't know what to think.
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I mean as in dating. Which guy seems like a better catch to you?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Poor guys... the fact that you're asking strangers to choose for you, clearly shows you should date neither of them.

    • I didn't tell them to wait for me. I wouldn't be the happiest if they moved on, but if that's what makes them happy, I'm happy. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, you'll understand where I'm coming from. I'm not asking them to choose for me, I'm asking about their opinion, the answer is already in my heart somewhere...

    • Then listen to your "heart". I've been in that situation before, where I liked two girls, so I know what you're in. My point is that it's YOUR choice, not anyone else's. We, strangers, can't really choose for you.

Most Helpful Girl

  • There's a slight flaw in this poll. With the first guy, you didn't mention any of his flaws, so naturally people will choose him. You made him seem perfect by a long shot. A flaw could be his social life; because he's so appealing, does he seem to flirt with a lot of girls? Looks and personality aren't everything. Their actions are important factors too.

    • I just can't find anything really bad about him. I mean the only thing is he's not as smooth as the other guy and maybe too quiet for me, which is not what I usually go for. He doesn't flirt with other girls. B won't flirt either but can be close with them. For A, his best friend started singing a song how A and I were in love (don't know where we got that from), we both told him to keep it down but we were smiling. A seems perfect but something also drives me to B because he isn't perfect, but I like him. It's weird.

    • Well, nobody is perfect. If you can't find something wrong with him now, you will later. B seems to be more open and easier to read. Sometimes knowing their flaws from the start is better... In the past, all of my mother's boyfriends have "changed," and they start behaving like assholes. It's not that people change, though. It's that we learn their true self. Everyone has a bad side to them.

    • The bad side would be the awkwardness. He seems really genuine and nice, I really hope there isn't a horrible side to him.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Which do you see yourself with more or think about more? Which do you have most in common with?

    • I have more in common with guy B, I can just hang out with him casually and he finds little things about me cute. But then there are times when he'll act like he's not into me, when he does that I ignore him, then he sees that I'm not looking at him and comes up to me, talks to me... Guy A looks at me like I'm the most perfect girl out there. He's really sweet. He isn't as smooth with girls, surprisingly. I just can't decide between them, some days I'm like: "B's the one", but others it's like "screw B, A is the one".

    • Sounds like you have a problem :o

  • Guy A sounds like a better friend for me. I'd rather not be friends with guys who are insecure and jealous of me and then cover it up with "confidence"...

  • Lets be honest... your going for A cause he's more attractive... thread closed.

    • Nope. I like them both, I mean A sounds like a much better catch, but something also drives me to B, man, boys are confusing...

    • What is it about B? Dig deep and tell us :O... *takes notes*

    • Hahaha, well, he makes me smile a lot, we have really similar interests and we bond over that, teases me, he isn't super nice to everyone but he's really nice to me, I like the way he looks at me, he always defends me... I think I actually like him more than A, A's too quiet for my preferences, I mean he's a great guy but...

  • Guy A sounds a bit like me!


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