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So I have known a girl for awhile, she has a boyfriend. She once indirectly told me I was cute when I told her a story and she said "it's cause they think you're cute duuuh 🙄" anyways there have been a few times where she brought up hanging out EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS A MAN. Everytime I told her I was down but after that she either avoided coming up with a time or never brought it up again till some time has past. What does this weird behavior tell you? Fellas, if you have some experience with girls like this feel free to fill in the info


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  • She seems to like you, but is torn because of her current commitment... as if she would think about pursuing something with you if she wasn't already with someone. Seems a little petty to me, I wouldn't think it was cool if some guy I knew did that to me.


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  • She's yanking your chain for an ego trip to make you chase her Danny-and may try to get her kicks off on it by marching you directly into a confrontation with her current guy. Its an oooollllldddd trick brotha.

    • I like how you casually call him Danny like you guys just hang out all the time.!

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    • I'm sorry you read it differently then I meant. I wasn't criticizing, I thought it was funny.

    • @Ellbell8ls No sweetie... not in the least. I grew up in the Northeast. It's my expression all day, in every way... nooooo issue.

  • It means she wants to be left alone.


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