We met years ago, recently reconnected and have been talking for 1 year. He asks me if we will still have those feelings when we see each other?

We were together from 1998-2003, we never had an official break up, I just had personal things going on in life that took me somewhere else. After I moved here came to see me in 2006, I had 2 kids by then. The feelings were still there but I don't think he was ready to be with me and 2 kids. So now we have been talking for a year and he wishes he experienced things in life that I have, like having kids. He has a job transfer coming up, which is optional. I told him I didn't want him to move and that he already knew my reasons, but if he wanted to move I would support his decision. So he doesn't want to leave the state. He has asked me if my feelings would change when I see him. I know they won't, we have exchanged photos and spoke on the phone I love him for who he is not what he looks like, although he is very good looking (bonus!). But how do I explain that to him, because he seems nervous. Honestly people commented about our connection years ago when we worked together. It's still there as strong as 19 years ago. Do I just let him figure it out when he comes to visit me in 2 months? Sorry I really care about him and don't want to mess this up. On a side note, he has mentioned a few times jokingly we should get married in a few years if I still feel the same way.


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  • Id tell him how you feel then let him decide


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